Code of Ethics for Members

The long-term sustainability and health of the Basset Fauve breed in America rests in the hands of those that love, care and breed these dogs. Thoughtless or reckless behavior endangers not only the health of personal animals, but the dogs of others, and the future generations to come. It is for this reason that the Basset Fauve de Bretagne Club of America (BFDBCA) sets forth a Code of Ethics that all members strive to achieve.


Members will agree:

  • To conduct oneself in a professional manner pertaining to all involvement with the BFDBCA, American Kennel Club (AKC), and Federation Cynologique International (FCI).
  • Uphold all rules and policies concerning activities sponsored by these organizations.
  • Avoid intentionally ruining the reputation of other breeders or these organizations.

Welfare of the Dogs in My Care

Members make it a priority to provide nutritious food, exercise, socialization, training, veterinary care,
and affection throughout their dog’s lifetime.

Puppies are in need of proper socialization and immunity protection. It is therefore important that no puppy be placed, shipped/transported before 8 weeks of age.

Members must make every effort to ensure their puppies and dogs are placed in homes free of abuse, neglect, and mistreatment. Dogs and puppies are never to be sold at auction, given as raffle or lottery items, sold to dogfighting brokers, wholesalers, labs, or pet stores. Members will encourage puppy buyers to uphold the same principles.


Breeder’s Commitment to Quality and Care

Member’s breeding should be done to improve the best qualities of the Basset Fauve as set forth in the FCI and AKC breed standards.

Members will provide buyers with a Veterinarian health and vaccination record. Puppy and dog buyers will be supplied with a written care packet and contract.

Members will breed only mature dogs and bitches that have passed OFA health tests and have a health certificate from a licensed Veterinarian.

Members will stay current on any genetic testing or health-related problems.

Members must not breed dogs or bitches known to have known genetic diseases.

Member’s breeding practices must be done in an honest way that includes discussing problems or diseases occurring within your line, being responsible for any health issues that arise from your line.

Members will have written transactions and contracts for buyers stating your policies and conditions for puppies and dogs sold and use a Non-Breeding contract for pet quality puppies or dogs. Full registration should be reserved for show or breeding quality.

Members recognize the need for long-term care and responsibility of the Basset Fauve they produce. Therefore, members will take back, re-home, replace, and rehabilitate at their expense, dogs that they have bred, co-bred, sold, or otherwise have been a party to. Written contracts or agreements with the buyer will state that should a need arise, the animal will be returned to the member instead of relinquishing to an animal control facility.


Breed Information

The Club will adhere to the Breed Standard as authorized by the American Kennel Club. This breed standard was taken from the FCI standard approved in Europe.

View the AKC Breed Standard here.

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