The following from the AKC website are the requirements we are working toward meeting for recognition of the BFDB. 


What is next? Guidelines For Advancing a New Breed

If the goal for your breed is AKC recognition, please consider the action items below after your breed is in the FSS®. The recognition process begins with admission of the breed to the Miscellaneous Class.

    • Form a strong national breed club and encourage fanciers nationwide to join and get involved. A national breed club with representative membership of about 100 active members is expected for a breed to be placed in the Miscellaneous Class. The amount of active households needed can vary depending on the number of dogs recorded in the FSS®.  In process
    • A breed entering the Foundation Stock Service® based upon being an established breed in a foreign registry must have reached full FCI recognition to be eligible to request Miscellaneous Class status.  Done
    • Create a breed standard that conforms to the Guidelines for Writing Breed Standards. Final approval is made by the AKC Board at the time the breed is approved for full recognition.  Done
    • Form some active committees such as a membership committee or a health committee, put on shows, and publish a quarterly newsletter. A committed AKC liaison is also keeping AKC updated on the club’s various activities provides documentation of the fanciers’ dedication to full AKC recognition. Current officer and membership lists must be on file with the AKC. Done

      Parent Club Designation for a Breed in the FSS and Progression to Full Recognition

      Upon contact with AKC, the information on how to form a club, and sample bylaws/club policies applicable to Parent Clubs, are provided.

      A club seeking Parent Club status must submit the following:

      • Club History 
      • Club membership list designating club member involvement
      • Constitution and bylaws
      • Minutes of annual meetings and board meetings for a minimum of two years, including financial information
      • Confirmation that the membership of the club wishes to seek AKC recognition
      • List of events conducted or in which the breed has participated

      Demonstration that members are actively involved as breeders, determined by the increase in dogs and litters enrolled in AKC Foundation Stock Service.

      Members are actively competing in the AKC Events in which the breed is eligible as well as participation at AKC Meet The Breeds, Responsible Dog Ownership Day Events, or other opportunities to educate the public about the breed.  Members are encouraged to join an All-Breed Club.

      Upon review of all club materials and demonstration that the club is a viable entity a request may be submitted to the AKC Board Requesting Parent Club Status.

      Once the Parent Club has been designated, staff will work with the Parent Club on the breed standard to comply with the AKC Breed Standard Guidelines.   The Parent Club Delegate Sub-committee will provide mentoring to the club to gain full recognition and membership status with the AKC.

      Eligibility to request Miscellaneous Class Status requires:

      • Parent Club designated to represent the breed
      • A breed entering the FSS® based upon being an established breed in a foreign registry must have reached full recognition status
      • The Club has balloted the membership to seek AKC recognition
      • Breed Standard reviewed to meet AKC Breed Standard Guidelines
      • Minimum of 150 dogs enrolled with three-generation pedigrees
      • Formal presentation for AKC club status is sent to Club Relations for review and bylaw commentary to follow, if necessary.
      • Request to move into Miscellaneous submitted to AKC Board – date of entry January 1, or on or about July 1.

      Eligibility to request full recognition:

      While in the Miscellaneous Class the club will be working with a facilitator, a Delegate from the Parent Club Delegate Committee, to gain further understanding of the responsibilities of a Parent Club.  The Parent Club self-study materials will be provided to the club to utilize as they develop.

      • Club Business and Annual Meeting/Election to be conducted in accordance with constitution and bylaws
      • Constitution and bylaws, to be reviewed by Club Relations, revisions recommended to be made and approved by the club membership
      • Minutes of Board and Annual Meeting submitted and reviewed
      • Membership updated annually, including a separate electronic membership list upload using officer issued access code
      • Parent Club conducts a minimum of two Open Shows for all Miscellaneous and FSS breeds (minimum of six months apart, geographically distributed)
      • Confirmation of Board approved interest in applying for Member Club status
      • Membership growth to approximately 100 members, with reasonable geographic distribution
      • Minimum of ten dogs earning Certificate of Merit (CM) titles owned by Parent Club members
      • Growth in registration of litters and dogs to a minimum of 300 dogs with three-generation pedigrees
      • A minimum of 20 litters bred and enrolled while the breed is in Miscellaneous to ensure that the breed is established and sustainable
      • Minimum of three Judges Education Seminars conducted by the Parent Club while in the Miscellaneous Class
      • Judges Education course developed in collaboration with AKC Staff to be made available on the AKC Canine College for the purpose of providing educational opportunities  for prospective judges of the breed
      • A minimum of one year has elapsed since entering the Miscellaneous Class
      • Normally breeds remain in the Miscellaneous Class for one to three years. Advancement to full registration will be contingent on growth in enrollment of dogs in FSS® and participation in AKC events. However, breeds with 1,000 or more dogs enrolled in FSS® may be evaluated after six months in Miscellaneous, these breeds will remain in the Miscellaneous Class for a minimum of 18 months. Breeds with less than 1,000 dogs will be evaluated at the end of each year in Miscellaneous. When all criteria are met the information is presented to the AKC Board of Directors for approval to move to full AKC recognition and breed conformation competition.