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Erica Beattie
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Erica is a third-generation purebred dog breeder and preservationist. Her grandfather bred, raised, and showed Airedales under the Country-Aire prefix, and her mother's breed was Bouviers. She founded her kennel, 4 Clovers, when she began breeding Miniature American Shepherds prior to the breed being fully recognized by the AKC. Erica has had wonderful success in MAS and owns the #1 all-time winning bitch. The love of stewarding a breed to kennel club recognition sent her in search of the perfect compliment to her MAS, and she found it in the Basset Fauve de Bretagne.

Although only in the breed for a relatively short time, she realized they are truly a hidden gem of the canine world. Her Fauves are currently competing in conformation, and she looks forward to expanding into other sports and activities with them.

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