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Fundraising Time!

An Important Message from our Fundraising Chairperson

To All Fauve Lovers,

The Basset Fauve de Bretagne Club of America will be offering auctions and raffles to help offset the cost of the shows we must put on to continue our quest to be AKC accepted. We will hold these auctions at the National Specialty Show in St Louis on 9/15–18 as well as online. The club is looking for donations to help with this cause. The money acquired will also be used for rescue and other club needs.

Here are the ways you can donate to the club:

  • Click on the “Donate” button at the bottom of every page on our website
  • Amazon registry (click here or go to Amazon.com, under “Your Lists” from the main menu, click on “Find a List or Registry.” Type out the club’s full name and you will find our name listed.)
  • Gift cards from Etsy (cards should be sent to Claire Stretch at cistretch@outlook.com)
  • Any other gifts, cash, or gift cards should be sent to Claire at the address below:
    2025 Wolf Creek Road
    Goreville, Illinois 62939

The club really appreciates everyone’s support in this endeavor. Any questions can be addressed to me at sakanter2@yahoo.com.

Alyse Kanter, MD
Treasurer, Basset Fauve de Bretagne Club of America
Fundraising Chairperson

2024 Fauve Calendar

The Rescue Committee is composing a 2024 Calendar to raise money. Anyone can submit a picture of a Basset Fauve de Bretagne for a fee of $5.00 per picture or $25.00 for 6 pictures.

Payment can be made by clicking on the Calendar Donation button below. Be sure to write in the comments that the payment is for the number of pictures you are submitting. After completing the payment process please send your pictures to seugenhof@aol.com.

The last day to submit pictures is August 31, 2023.

Please send pictures of your Fauve in costumes for a holiday like Halloween, Christmas, or New Years. A patriotic picture for July! Maybe doing Barn Hunt, FastCat, Rally, Dock Diving, Scent Work, or just plain looking cute!

Try for the best, clear close-ups you can get. The Rescue Committee will select the pictures for the calendar and we will use several pictures for each month.

You can direct questions to seugenhof@aol.com or you can text Cindi C. the pictures at 262-391-0563 if the quality is really good. Pictures that are not paid for will not be considered so don’t forget to submit your payment first through the Calendar Donation button below.

Cindi C.,
Rescue Committee

Latest News

2023 National Specialty and Annual Meeting

September 15th–18th

For those who have never been to either, please consider attending. You don’t have to show your Fauve in conformation. 

If you are planning to attend, please consider buying an official 2023 National Specialty t-shirt! More info on the page link below.

Youth Achievement Award Nominations

Nominations for the Annual Youth Achievement Award are now being accepted and must be received by August 10,  2023. The award will be presented at our Nationals at Purina Farms in September 2023.

Nominate a young person (age 13-21) who has a vision and a dream that is canine related, is involved in activities to make that dream come true, and would benefit from the monetary award.

Please send your nomination with a description of why you are nominating this person and contact information for the nominee.

Please submit a nomination to:
BFdBCA Award Committee
c/o Kim Thompson
4133 Abbott Drive
Bakersfield, CA. 933312

You can also email it to Kim by using this email link.

Fauve Title Recognition at the National Specialty

This year at our Clubs’ 1st Nationals being held in September at Purina Farms the BFDBCA would like to recognize all titles your Fauve has earned with a special Award Certificate for your dogs’ accomplishments.

So, if you are a member of the BFdBCA we want to acknowledge your dog. It doesn’t matter if it is an AKC title, UKC, NASDA, NASCSW, Therapy Dog, or any other recognition we want to recognize you and your dog’s accomplishments.

In order to do so I need you to submit to me by AUGUST 31,2023 the following information as you want it to be written on the Award.

  1. Registered Name of Dog
  2. Call Name
  3. Owners Name
  4. List of Titles you want recognized in the order you want them on Certificate.

Please make it legible and the correct spelling because I’m not going to be familiar with all these titles.  It would also help to include what the title is.  For example, the title SD-1 Shed Dog 1 is a NASDA title (North American Sports Dog Association).

Please send the information for your certificate and or questions to:

Kim Thompson
Awards Committee BFdBCA

Aaliza jumping over Watson

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We are so proud to have our breed featured on the AKC website “Expert Advice” section!

Here’s a link to the Breeder Spotlight on our Founder and Club President, Cindy Hartman.

AKC Breeder Spotlight on Cindy Hartman

About the BFDBCA

The Basset Fauve de Bretagne Club of America (BFDBCA) was established in 2013 to be the official American Kennel Club (AKC) national breed club in the United States.  The mission of the club is to:

  1. Promote quality in the breeding of Basset Fauve de Bretagnes and to strive toward promoting perfection in the breed.
  2. Encourage members and breeders to accept the Breed Standard as approved by FCI and AKC as the standard of excellence by which all Basset Fauve de Bretagnes must be judged.
  3. Strive to protect and promote the interests of the breed and to encourage good sportsmanship behavior at all dog competitions, tests, and trials under the rules and regulations of the AKC and BFDBCA.
  4. To conduct sanctioned shows, educational seminars and other events under the rules and regulations of the AKC and BFDBCA.
  5. Promote and encourage membership to follow the guidelines set forth in the BFDBCA Code of Ethics.
  6. To be available to rescue and re-home any Basset Fauve de Bretagne in need.

For details about how to join our club, please visit our Membership page.