December 2022


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On October 23rd the Baset Fauve de Bretagne Club of America held the 1st Annual Meeting as the approved AKC Breed Club with 8 regional gatherings of Fauves and the people who love them. A total of 55 Fauves and 48 people gathered in Northern CA, the Pacific Northwest, the Mid West, Michigan, New York, the Carolinas, Florida, and Georgia. A Zoom call connected al the groups. A great time was reported by all who attended the event!

On September 14-18th, you are invited to join the Basset Fauve de Bretagne Club of America in St. Louis for the 2023 Specialty Show, Annual Meeting and banquet. The weekend looks to be jam-packed days of fun with conformation Open Shows, clinics to get you and your pups off the sofa and learning about training for obedience/rally, tricks, canine good citizenship, running FastCAT and hunting rabbits! Bond with like-minded friends while your Fauve sniffs out new BFFs.

Basset Fauves are on the journey to becoming a breed that is fully recognized by the American Kennel Club. The BFdBCA has completed all the requirements for phase 1 and petitioned AKC to move to the next step. This would mean that Fauves would move from the Foundation Stock Service to the Miscellaneous class in 2024 and hopefully be a fully recognized breed in 2025. Won’t it be fun to cheer for your favorite Fauve on the televised Dog Shows?

BFdBCA Youth With A Dream Award
At the October Annual Meeting, Alexis Chism was awarded a $500 scholarship toward her dream of becoming a reproduction veterinary specialist. This remarkable young lady graduated high school Summa Cum Laude while being dually enrolled at the local community college. She received her Associate Degree at 18 years old and is currently enrolled at the University of Central Florida and plans to get her DMV from the University of Florida. Congratulations Alexis!

The BFdBCA has 7 Committees and all are seeking assistance conducting the work of the club. We are a volunteer group and depend on the membership’s involvement for success. Pick a committee to share your talents and time!

Membership: Darlene Wheeler
Education: Beth Martin
Rescue: Cindi Chilbert
Health: Kristine Olmsted
Events: Marianne Lovejoy
Funding: Alyse Kanter
Awards: Kim Thompson

The BFdBCA needs money to continue accomplishing our goals. One way we have done this is by having an auction last year. Four items were donated and the online bids began. This event raised $875 dollars for our rescue fund. There is an online store where Fauve related items can be purchased with proceeds going into the general fund. Donations can be designated for the awards fund.

Finally, we remind everyone that it is that time of the year to renew your dues. This can be done on the website and payment can be made via PayPal.

Question: Are there two kinds of Basset Fauve de Bretagnes because I see some that have long bodies with very short legs and some that are almost square with very long legs? Paul T., GA

Answer: No, Paul. There is only one kind of Basset Fauve with a written AKC standard describing the perfect specimen of the breed. It states they should be between 12.5 and 15,5 “ when measured at the withers (top of the shoulder). Fauves should only be slightly longer than tall at a ratio of 1:1.2 and are the shortest backed of all the basset breeds. You can read the entire breed standard on the AKC website HERE.

Nosey answers your questions with the assistance of experts in the field. She asked Cindy Hartman, BFdBCA President to assist with this one. Nosey is a retired grand champion living her best life! These are the abbreviations for her titles: GRCH Nisalette d’Aahroo, CM, NW1, NE, NV, NC, NI, NN, AE, AV, AC, AI, NA, SCCN, SEN, SIN, SCA, SEA, SIA, PSD-NE, PSD-NB, PSD-NC, PSD-NS, PSD-AC, PSDAS.

2023 BFdBCA Slate of Officers and Board

The Basset Fauve de Bretagne Club of America is accepting nominations from members with full voting status for any positions on the Board. Nominations must have permission from the individual being nominated and be full members. Associate members cannot be nominated. Nominations must be emailed to by December 23rd.

Cindy Hartman, President | Claire Stretch, Vice President | Darlene Wheeler, Secretary | Alyse Kanter, Treasurer

Board Members at Large: Cindi Chilbert, Beth Martin, Marianne Lovejoy, Kristine Olmsted, Kim Thompson, Kimberly Turner, Jeremy Avenarius, Neil Plotkin

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Duke 09/02/09 – 03/17/21 (Claude Turner)
Lillibug 10/23/12 – 04/21 (Darryl & Jane Seaton)
Hugo 02/13/07 – 08/26/21 (Troy Gross & Brian Pitrowski)
Glynnis 12/09/07 – 11/07/21 (Blake & Laura Truitt)
Mackie 05/27/06 – 12/17/21 (Marc Karetsky)
Norm 05/27/06 – Spring 2022 (The Kelley Family)
Darcie 04/17/05 – 09/20/22 (Cindy Hartman)
Grover 06/08/08- 10/22 (Brian & Janet Hillier)