July 2023


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We’re pleased to announce that the Basset Basset Fauve de Bretagne is officially in the Miscellaneous Class!

“Effective June 28, 2023, the Basset Fauve de Bretagne has been granted eligibility to participate in the AKC Miscellaneous Class. This significant development was approved during the Board of Directors meeting held in February 2023…”

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First National Specialty to be held September 14-18th in Gray Summit, Missouri at Purina Farms.

Thursday, September 14th. 
Fast Cat fun runs will be offered to club members. This is a chance to learn the fastest-growing performance sport in AKC. What is Fast Cat? It’s a timed event of your dog running a 100-yard dash while chasing a lure (bunny). Let your dog run off some excess energy from all the travels and have a blast!

Friday, September 15th.
Alexis and Allison Chism (BFdBCA Club Members) will be giving a talk about Trick Dog and CGC (Canine Good Companion) events and they’ll let your dog practice with their guidance. This is a great time to learn and bond with your dog. Check out the Club’s Facebook page for more details on this and the following:

4:00 pm Specialty (Conformation Show)
6:00 pm Banquet/Raffle/Silent Auction to be held on-site at Purina Farms. Please RSVP to by August 31st to reserve a spot!
7:00 PM Club Meeting

Saturday, September 16th & Sunday, September 17th
Open and All Breed show with the 3 Rivers Kennel Club will be available for those that want to show. That evening we’ll plan to have an informal get-together at the campsites for club members!

Also, the National Specialty T-shirt orders are due by August 1st. The information for the shirts is on the club website. Do Not Delay! Please contact Claire Stretch for more info:


This year at our Club’s 1st Nationals being held in September at Purina Farms, the Basset Fauve de Bretagne Club of America would like to recognize all titles your Fauve has earned with a special Award Certificate for your dogs’ accomplishments.

So, if you are a member of the BFdBCA we want to acknowledge your dog’s accomplishments! It doesn’t matter if it’s an AKC title, UKC, NASDA, NASCSW, Therapy Dog or any other recognition. Please submit by August 31st the following information as you want it to be written on the Award:

1.    Registered Name of Dog
2.    Call Name
3.    Owner Name
4.    List of Titles you want to be recognized in the order you want them on the Certificate.

Please ensure the information is legible, that it includes the correct spelling and what the specific title is––For example, the title SD-1 Shed Dog 1 is a NASDA title (North American Sports Dog Association). Send the information for your certificate and/or questions to:

Kim Thompson
Awards Committee BFdBCA


Nationale d’Elevage June 17-18, 2023 in Villeréal, France

It’s always a privilege to travel to France (this year to Villereal, a southern town) to observe Fauves being judged at the Fauve de Bretagne Club’s National Specialty! Fauves were judged to the standard and we noted the following criteria:

  • The breed is not evaluated until the age of 12 months or older.
  • Each dog’s microchip or tattoo was verified before the dog was examined to prevent cheating.
  • They were measured by the wicket, but some were also measured for length. Fauves are to be only slightly longer than tall and are the shortest-backed of all the basset breeds.
  • The head and muzzle are checked for proportions. The ear for length and for fold.
  • The most important examination was each dog was lifted up on to hind legs to have front legs checked for being straight; they should have shortness of back and length of leg to pursue their quarry with relative ease.
  • All dogs were critiqued and the judges dictated their comments the steward who records the justification for awarding a rating of Excellent, Very Good, Good, Sufficient, DQ or Canon Be Judged. Exhibitors leave the ring with a written critique.
  • Many dogs were faulted for having long tails without a broad base. Only dogs that received an excellent plus were allowed to go on to the finals of each class.
  • There were also some very nice junior dogs (9-18 months old) but these dogs can’t compete beyond these classes.

We also enjoyed observing the working classes, as these dogs have been awarded a hunting title, have worked with a pack and in harmony with their owner. And to our delight, we frequently observed packs walking around with their owners off-leash. These are hunting dogs and can’t hunt from a leash, but to observe control in that chaotic environment was impressive. The French Club’s moto is Chasse d’Abord! Hunt First!

By Claire Stretch and Cindy Hartman


On April 30, 2023, the Fauve community lost one of its biggest supporters Linda Cain, who passed away after a courageous battle with cancer.

Linda’s love for the Fauve breed started over ten years ago when she imported Aurele Von Der Kalksburgerhoh “Harrison” from Austria. Harrison proved to be a fine example of the breed in both conformation and in the field earning his CH and his Hunting Hound title. She also co-bred several litters of BFdB with Cindy Hartman and these litters have continued to excel finishing their championships in conformation, field and obedience.

Linda’s kennel prefix is SoLow and you will find that name attached not only to Fauves, but also to her beloved Basset Hound Breed. Her Bassets won numerous National Specialties, Regional Specialties and Dual Championships. Her influence in the breed of Basset Hounds will continue in generations to come.

One of Linda’s passions was teaching. She had a keen eye, bred to the standard and evaluated her litters with critical observation. Linda took her depth of knowledge and shared it with those she loved. The world of dogs is better due to her knowledge, efforts and dedication––And she will be missed!

AKC Breeder Spotlight: Cindy Hartman of Aahroo Basset Fauve de Bretagne

Growing up in Michigan, Cindy followed her grandmother around whelping and caring for several different kinds of babies – puppies, kittens, peeps, and various other farm animals. The retired nurse studied canine genetics at Michigan State University and says she inherited her love for breeding and training from her family.

Hartman now lives in South Carolina. She has been breeding Aahroo Basset Fauve de Bretagnes since 2001, when she went to France and brought back her first pair of Fauve puppies…


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