March 2023


MARCH 2023 | Welcome to our newsletter designed to provide you with up-to-date information on breed events, news and club business.


We’re excited to announce that Fauves will be moving from FSS (Foundation Stock Service) to the Miscellaneous class effective June 28, 2023. This is the next step in the road to full acceptance by AKC. The Basset Fauve de Bretagne Club of America will remain the official parent club for the breed, as we have proven to be the best prepared to complete the work toward getting the breed full AKC recognition. For more information follow us on Facebook and visit or contact us at

Friday, September 15th – National Specialty and Annual Meeting. For those who have never been to either, please consider attending. You don’t have to show your Fauve in conformation. There will be lots to try with your Fauve by learning from trick training or FastCAT (100 yard dash for dogs in a fenced area). Additionally, there will opportunities to learn about grooming. But most of all, enjoy meeting other Fauve lovers and their beloved companions!

Saturday, September 16th – Open Show Sunday, September 17th – Open Show

Monday, September 18th – Hunt Test/Seminar to be held at the Eastern Missouri Beagle Club

Friday through Sunday there will be FastCAT available––But you need to register the day the entries open due to it filling extremely fast!

The Club’s Awards Committee is making plans for several awards for the annual meeting in September at beautiful Purim’s Farms. In addition to our Youth Award for a teen with a dream, the club will be recognizing Fauves who have achieved titles. Be watching for details on how to get your Fauve recognized!


The BFdBCA Rescue committee recently had great success placing a rescue into a Forever Home! Lucy is a very sweet, larger Fauve or Fauve mix, looking very much like a Griffon Fauve. Her owner passed away and she was surrendered to a NC shelter in January. We’re happy to report that she’s been adopted and is now living the good life with a family with twin 10 year old boys!

As the Fauve becomes more popular, we’ll need help to continue accomplishing our mission. There are many volunteer opportunities, such as communicating with shelters, fostering dogs, performing home visits and transporting dogs––And all of these tasks come with expenses.

PLEASE consider donating via our website to help the next Fauve in need! To volunteer or for more information, contact Cindi Chilbert at or text 262-391-0563. Thank you for your support!

Would you like to be a member? Do you need to renew your membership? This can be done via our website and payment can be made via PayPal. CLICK HERE!

Question: I hear breeders talking about testing for POAG. What is it and how and why do they test for it? Becky H. MI

Answer: Becky, POAG stands for Progressive Open Angle Glaucoma. It is a genetic mutation which causes increased eye pressure by preventing the normal release of fluids in the eyes. The disease is inherited, very painful, expensive to treat and eventually leads to blindness and eye removal. Onset usually occurs around five years of age. The easiest way to diagnose the presence of the disease is a simple cheek swab for DNA that is sent to a lab who tests for the genetic marker. Two examples are Optimal Selection and Embark. All Fauves that are imported should be tested prior to breeding to ensure the disease is not being produced.

Nosey is a retired Grand Champion and accomplished scent work hound. She answers your questions with the assistance of experts in the field.

Sarah Kanter is a 3rd year vet student at the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Colorado State University. Sarah’s family also owns Fauves.

Auction Update
You may not know it, but you’re going to want one of these auction items! We plan to have another auction at the September annual meeting. Pictured are a few of the many items being donated––So get ready for the bidding frenzy starting at the end of summer 2023!

You can also donate directly on the website or purchase items in the online store and proceeds can be designated to Rescue, Awards or General Funds.

The BFdBCA has SEVEN committees that need help performing the work of the club. We are a volunteer group and depend on the membership’s involvement for success. Pick a committee to share your talents and time!

Membership: Darlene Wheeler
Education: Beth Martin
Rescue: Cindi Chilbert
Health: Kristine Olmsted
Events: Marianne Lovejoy
Funding: Alyse Kanter
Awards: Kim Thompson

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